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Become A Goat Milker

How it works

Register your interest

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and tell us a bit about yourself, fill out as much information as you can including which site would work best for you (You can find out more information about each of the sites in the the Dairy Sites page), what days you can do, and if you have additional questions.

Join us for a trial milking shift

We offer you 2-3 trial shifts with members of the team at which ever site you picked, who give you the opportunity to get involved and understand what being in the project is going to be like. This also gives you the opportunity to see if it works for you too.

Join Street Goat as a Trainee Milker

Once you have completed your trial shifts and you want to join the project fully you will join as a trainee. It is at this point that you will be asked to contribute ยฃ20 towards you yearly subscription to the project and secure your place in the project.

You will now join your site, twice a week, and get fully trained up in milking and husbandry to be able to look after the goats.

Become a Qualified Milker

When you reach the point that you can confidently milk out any goat on the site, and could milk out all the goats by yourself if needed (We try to avoid this happening and generally milk in pairs)

Then you become a qualified member of the project and join your site's whatsapp group and the project's whatsapp group.

You will then be asked to contribute the remainder of your subscription left of the year up till April which when everyone pays for the full year.

Become an advanced Milker

As your time in the project evolves you will have opportunities to learn other skills too including foot care, worm counts, goat health indicators and disease prevention.

We encourage all members to learn these skills, though they are not essential to being in the project, but we love that many of our members want to continue learning!

What we expect from you


๐Ÿ To commit to your shifts every week and be reliable

๐Ÿ To read and agree to the milkers agreement (this is an important document that you will be required to sign before joining the project

๐Ÿ To attend at least 4 workdays a year to help on site with general site maintenance.

๐Ÿ To regularly attend your site meetings and wider project meetings

๐Ÿ To promptly pay your yearly financial contribution to the project. (if you are not able to afford this and would like to join the project, do still get in touch, as we can sometimes offer bursary membership)

Register your interest

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