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The goats have arrived

by | Apr 9, 2015 | Uncategorized

Our first goats have joined us on the Street Goat site! It’s been a fast paced ride to bring them in, but they are all happy. We have:

  • Our goat Audre (name after Audre Lorde) who was a little underweight when she arrived
  • Her kid, who is still terrified of us
    Three orphaned kids that we are helping us clear the land. They were not in good health on arrival so we are doing our best to bring them back.
  • Blossom, on loan from Blakeney Hill Growers
  • And a beautiful female kid, also from Blakeney Hill, who will become a future milker.

    We plan to post our learnings and lessons regularly as the project progresses. If you’ve got a nagging question feel free to get in touch.

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